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What is Mobicalc?
Mobicalc is an exposure calculator to be used by all industrial radiographers. This software can be downloaded onto JAVA assisted cell phones (Download guide for cellphones here) and has the following features:

Exposure calculations for Iridium, Selenium 75 & Cobalt
Timer (this can be activated once you have the correct exposure calculations)
List of pipe schedules & size groups
Inv. Sqr. Law
Decay of Source Calculations
Store/Recall Memory Functions
INCH to mm converter
Safety contents:
A) Exposure Limits
B) Controlling Exposure
C) Dose Calculations
D) Distance Calculations
E) Half Value Layer Shields
F) Unit Conversions

Mobicalc is owned exclusively by Gammatec.
Please ensure that your details is entered correctly on our system as we will notify you, once there is a new Mobicalc version available.
If you are interested in mobicalc please click here to register and gain access

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